Recent News about Zach Courser

Dear Editor:

We are supporting Zach Courser for Claremont City Council. He is the best prepared candidate, with expertise and broad experience in working with the various components of our city government; our non-profit sector; the business community; and neighboring communities.

We believe he is the right person to represent us in this challenging time, and he demonstrates his abilities in many ways.  As chair of the Traffic and Transportation Commission, he helped craft policies beneficial to us as neighbors, and he worked with all elements of our Claremont system of governance and with surrounding communities on this important regional issue of traffic and transportation.

Zach’s leadership of Claremont McKenna College’s Policy Lab demonstrates his strong research skills, understanding of public policy and experience with budget management. He teaches these skills to students and will bring these skills to benefit the council. He will also be a key person to develop our town-gown relations.

Most importantly, our council needs a representative who knows how to listen and get things done. His experience in volunteering with local nonprofits and in working with the city’s human services department has given him real insight into community needs.

His development of the nonprofit Housing Claremont has taught him what local organizations must go through to be effective in delivering needed services.  His sensitivity to local concerns is evident through his support in raising $30,000     for the Claremont Homeless Advocacy Program.

In his campaign and in all his conversations with business people, residents or those in need, he listens closely to questions and offers problem solving suggestions.

We who live at Pilgrim Place are blessed to have him as a valuable board member, and we will be blessed to have him as our District 1 representative on the Claremont City Council.

He has shown himself to be a very caring, capable and committed person with a real passion for serving this community

We hope you come to know Zach as we do. Check him out at to see how you can help him. And then together, let’s vote to elect him!

Ann Marie Sullivan, Karl Hilgert,

Judy Hilgert, Alison Stendahl,

Meg Matheis, Ed Copeland,

Keith Tennis,and 29 additional endorsers from Pilgrim Place, Claremont

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